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Prepare your student for USACO with tutoring from a Caltech alumnus and gifted teacher.

Especially good with beginner and younger students.

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What your student will get:

  • General problem solving strategies that work in many situations, not just USACO
  • Thorough knowledge of the language they’re using and past problem strategies
  • A methodical debugging approach

I want to make your student a better teacher to themselves.

By encouraging your student’s curiosity and powers of observation, I can help them learn on their own. They will have the skills to practice problems even without my help.

USACO tutor Mike Mossey

“Mike teaches competitive programming to my son who’s in 8th grade. Mike brings a unique, much sought after skill that is very hard to find. He understands how to teach young minds and focuses on learning by discovery rather than a formulaic approach to problem solving. He leads an interactive problem-solving session with my son that challenges him to think hard about multiple approaches to solving. My son has made tremendous progress in a short amount of time and his coaching with Mike has enabled him to qualify for the USACO Silver level.”

— Father of an 8th grader

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